Welcome to Pirna


We have a reason to celebrate: since 5 May 2024, the Pirna site has been an independent church. We founded the Pirna site 8 years ago. This location has since grown and developed so that it is now an independent church. What a great development!

Pirna is often called the gateway to Saxon Switzerland.

Our vision is to build church for the people of this city and the whole region, to be there for you and to share God’s love for them. We want every visitor to our church services and meetings to experience God personally.

For this purpose we celebrate worship every Sunday 10:00 am in our rooms on Gartenstraße 25 in the center of Pirna. As a smaller group, we know each other personally and take plenty of time for fellowship over coffee and tea before and after the service. Everyone is welcome to join us. More information about the current rules for attending a church service can be found here.

In addition to the worship services, we meet in various small groups each week. Here we can talk about our everyday life, laugh together and help each other. Here we help each other and enjoy the fellowship. These meetings usually take place on Wednesday or Thursday evenings. Visitors are also welcome here.

Gartenstraße 25
01796 Pirna

Offers during the service:

  • Worship and sermon
  • Children’s service
  • Prayer for specific prayer requests and for healing after the service
  • Info Point for those who want to know more about the church
  • Coffee & cookies

Other offers:

  • Weekly small groups in Wehlen and Pirna
  • Youth from 13 years every Friday 16:30 in Gartenstraße 25 in Pirna

Would you like to learn more about the Pirna church, would you like to attend a service, or are you interested in joining a small group? Feel free to get in touch via the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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