We want to encounter God in the worship services at our sites. We want you to be able to experience and live out church life close to your home.

What should you expect at one of our services?

We enjoy singing modern songs to our God, listening to an encouraging sermon, and enjoying great fellowship with each other before and after the service. We expect God to meet us in the service and speak to us – be it through the sermon or through prophetic words/impressions/images etc.
We also offer the following, depending on the site:
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Children's service

We are convinced that children can encounter God, and that is why we offer various age-appropriate children’s services.

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Mother-child space

We offer a separate room for nursing mothers with a live broadcast (sound and video) of the service.

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English translation

If you need translation in English, just contact our technical team. They will be happy to help you so that you can really enjoy our service.

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Russian translation

If you need translation in Russian, just contact our technical team. They will be happy to help you so that you can really enjoy our service.

You can come to our services just as you are. You don’t have to dress in a special way and you don’t have to agree with us on everything. We are looking forward to your visit!

You can find the current rules for attending a church service here:

Dresden – Morning service



Dresden – Evening service








There is no need to register to attend any of our services.

Current rules

Jesus is worthy! Always. Even with masks, distance, registration and protective measures. Let us worship Him. At all times.

As I’m sure most of you have noticed, there is a new Corona ordinance, which eliminates a lot of the measures like mandatory masks and distance requirements. We know that there are some people who are very happy about this and there are also some people who view the removal of the measures with some concern. As a community, we obviously want to be considerate of both groups and cater to their different needs. Factors such as room size and the composition of the group of visitors also play a role, so we have different arrangements in the different locations.

We would also like to ask you to be respectful of each other’s opinions on this topic when attending church services. Whether someone wears a mask or not should not divide us, but we want to look at Jesus together in our services!

Receive one another as Christ received you! (Romans 15:7)

Morning service in St. Benno

  • We will set different areas.
    In the middle you can sit as you like – with or without mask. In the outer areas (also out of consideration for the people sitting around) masks should be worn. There we will place the chairs as before, partly with some distance.
  • For the children’s service, the parents decide whether their child should wear a mask or not.
  • Unfortunately, the school regulations have not been adjusted, so 3G still applies when entering the school. However, contact registration is no longer necessary.

Evening service

  • We recommend wearing a mask during the worship services. In view of the size of the room, the difficulty of ventilation (cold season) and the worshipers who cannot protect themselves during worship, we ask to wear a mask especially during the LP time.

Pulsnitz site

  • There is no mask obligation, the mask may of course be worn voluntarily.

Pirna site

  • We recommend wearing a mask due to the size of the room, but there is no obligation to do so.

Dippoldiswalde site

  • There is no mask obligation, the mask may of course be worn voluntarily.


Other Events

Healing service

In the Gospel of Luke chapter 9, 1-2 we read that Jesus sends the disciples to help the sick with healing and salvation. Jesus heals. And he also empowers his disciples to be healers and healers. We also see this as a mandate to us, as his disciples at this time. Jesus says that the kingdom of God has already begun on earth. Therefore, we alone give God the opportunity to demonstrate His omnipotence also in the field of healing.

Check the calendar for the next date!

Persian service

A church with a wide reach naturally attracts people from other nations. We are happy to have a group of wonderful people in the church who are from Iran. Every third Sunday we offer a Persian service in the Persian language. Warm invitation!

Check the calendar for the next date!