As a church, we do not stand alone; we enjoy many relationships in the region, in Germany, and internationally. Our main relationships are with the following organizations:

Activate Network is a network of churches and people, sharing the same views and interests for the advancement of God’s kingdom. It wants to set things in motion, to unlock talents and potential and to start something new.

It offers people in church leadership positions long-term support, trainings and personal coaching.

The vision of Activate Network is to train disciples, to connect leaders with one another, and to plant new churches as well as to strengthen existing ones.

Jesus Gemeinde is in partnership with Activate Network and sees this network as a priority relationship in terms of advice for important decisions and for the development of the church. Through Activate Network we are connected to about 20 churches in Germany and many churches in Europe, especially Eastern Europe.

The German Evangelical Alliance is a network of Christians. In Dresden there is an excellent work with the Evangelical Alliance. Our church is a member of this network.

Pastors, ministers, leaders of mission agencies meet here every two months to “seek the best of the city”. Joint projects take place. Various working groups focus on important areas such as marriage work, evangelism, missions and much more.

It is a joy to be part of this network and to build the Kingdom of God in Dresden with different Christians.

Begegnung e.V. wants to meet people in Dresden and the world in their need and accompany and support them on the path of change to a more hopeful future – inspired and motivated by God’s love.


We believe that meeting in need gives hope and we are convinced that we are making a difference.We are committed to giving a future to children in different countries around the world.