Small Groups

Small groups are an opportunity to meet during the week and build relationships with other Christians. It’s a time to think and discuss our faith, search the bible together for answers as well as serve one another. Many say that they have found a home and valuable friendships within small groups of our church.

How to find the right small group?

Our church has a large variety of small groups which are located throughout Dresden and the surrounding countryside. These groups, also known as home groups, are a place for community, bible study, prayer and worship. Other groups exist based on common interests, see the list below for a brief overview of interest groups. If you are interested in joining a group, we are happy to help connect you. Just fill in the form at the end of this page.

Home groups are located in following neighborhoods/areas:








Umland West

Standort Dipps

Standort Pirna

Standort Pulsnitz

We offer the following interest groups:

We want to run 10k and beyond. Meetings are scheduled individually.

We invite you to our Shine course. This nine-week course which was developed in Hillsong Church, Australia, is for women who sometimes doubt their self-worth or question their identity. The goal is to help every woman discover her personal worth, strength and potential. We want to encourage your personal growth through conversation and activities, so that you recognize how unique and wonderfully made you are. Topics include self-worth, problem solving competence as well as healthy decision making and coping with your emotions. Are you curious? Contact us, we are happy to hear from you!


  • Prayer for Begegnung e.V. Ethiopia – Evi and her co-workers, the children, the people of Ethiopia and their country.
  • German-Ethiopian Community – A place to meet one another, fellowship, learn more about each other and pray for each other.
  • Bible study (expected to be biweekly in Amharic, especially for Ethiopian brothers and sisters to have an opportunity to join a small group)

Date and time:

  • Fridays at 6pm

Target group:

  • All who have Ethiopia on their hearts
  • All who want to find out more about Ethiopia and life there
  • All who want to pray for Ethiopia, Evi and her team

We meet on Saturdays for breakfast. The meetings are targeted for mothers with their children. We speak mainly Russian.

We invite you and your children (up to 1.5 years old) to Fitness for Moms on every other Thursday (in even numbered calendar weeks) from 9:30am to 10:30am at S60.

We want to increase strength and endurance as well as work on building muscles and postnatal recovery.

Please bring an exercise mat or blanket, plenty to drink and a full half-liter (16oz.) bottle to be used as weight.


We want to create space and time to worship God through dance, movement and flags. If the words of worship songs just don’t feel enough, then this is the right place for you. You can’t dance? No problem, our meetings are purely a matter of the heart!

If you would like to find out when we meet again, just use the contact form below.

Dear babies (0-2 years old), we invite you and your parents to our Baby Playgroup! We meet every other Thursday (in odd numbered calendar weeks) from 10am to 11am at S60. We want to eat, sing, play and discover the world around us. Afterwards, we will have half an hour to chat and clean up together 😉

If you have questions, please send us an email to

We are looking forward to meeting you!
Judith Graf and Theresa Selle