Refugee Ministry

Within the last two years, more than one hundred people with Muslim background have come to believe in Jesus in our church. Some had to flee from their home countries because of their Christian beliefs and found a new home in Jesus Gemeinde.

Every individual story is special – some encountered Jesus in their dreams, some were healed physically, some found joy and freedom when they began to read the bible… And still every week, new men and women are coming to our Alpha courses because they are curious to find out who Jesus is.

In our Persian service, Alpha course and in our mentoring groups, we have the privilege to help these valuable people (who mainly come from Iran and Afghanistan) in many ways:

  • Helping them to get to know Jesus.
  • Explaining and exemplifying the Christian life.
  • Being there for them when dealing with public authorities.
  • Helping them to manage their lives in Germany and integrate into their new homes.

If you would like to volunteer in this exciting work, there are several opportunities that take more or less time depending on the individual task. Here’s a small selection of opportunities to help our refugee ministry:

  • Taking part in the Alpha course, answering questions and praying for people.
  • Reading the Bible with the men in the mentoring groups and explaining practical discipleship to them.
  • Inviting individual men, women or families for a meal or doing something together with them during the holidays.
  • Accompanying them to public authorities or during their apartment search.
  • Helping them with moving.
  • Listening to them, asking them about their challenges, praying for them, helping them with simple things, such as finding the right mobile contract.

God is working in these refugees in a historically unique way. Never since the founding of Islam, have so many Muslims come to an enthusiastic faith in Jesus. Are you interested in taking part in this exciting development? Please contact us by email.

You would like to donate to this project?


Bank account for Refugee Ministry:
Begegnung e.V.
Bank: Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden
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