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September, 2021

26Sep9:209:4520/20 Gebet für den Gottesdienst

28Sep10:0011:30Moms Prayer



30Sep17:3018:30Gebet für OR3


Healing Service

Jesus saves and heals! Healing can happen in different ways, in personal conversation, during the service, and other times without specific prayer or through a prayer from the front. We have experienced God healing in times in which we turn to Him asking for healing. That’s why we hold six healing services every year on Schandauer Straße (find upcoming events in our calendar). We encourage you to be filled with faith and expectant of God’s mighty work!

Baby Playgroup

Dear babies (0-2 years old), we invite you and your parents to our Baby Playgroup! We meet every second and fourth Thursday of a month from 10am to 11am at S60 (there are no meetings during the school holidays). We want to eat, sing, play and discover the world around us. Every first Thursday of a month, we already meet at 9:30am and have breakfast together.

If you have questions, please send us an email to krabbelgruppe@jgdresden.de.

At our location in Pirna, we have a baby playgroup as well. We meet every Wednesday from 9:30am to 11am in our rooms at Gartenstraße 25. If you have questions about this group, please contact us at pirna@jgdresden.de.



COME TOGETHER is a worship evening for people in and beyond Dresden. We welcome all age groups, although some may say the style of music is targeted towards the younger generation.
The event is open to all who desire to encounter God together with us. We love having so many returning visitors from all over, including other churches, youth groups, student groups and home groups.

Our vision is to be a place where people can encounter Jesus, the Son of God, where the presence of God is felt, where we can freely worship God, where God can heal and set us free, where God can give us new hope and vision, and where leaders can be refreshed and gain new strength for the work they are called to do. We are looking forward to our next evening together!

You can find pictures and get a feeling for COME TOGETHER on our Facebook page.
Do you need a flyer for your group, organization or city? Send us a brief message on Facebook and we will send you some flyers.

COME TOGETHER is a free event, that is financed by donations. Every night, there’s the opportunity to donate money to cover our costs. Thank you for giving!

COME TOGETHER is organized and carried out by Jesus Gemeinde Dresden. The leadership team supports COME TOGETHER through assistance and guidance.

Sebastian Pohl

Jesus on Campus
for college students

Our student group, “Jesus on Campus” (JOC) organizes many events on campus, especially at TU Dresden. The highlight is our student church service at the beginning of each new semester. Throughout the semester, there are regular events such as concerts, lectures, worship evenings, prayer meetings and “Boxenstopp” (engl. pit stop). All students are welcome, regardless of your background. For those who cannot wait until our next JOC event, we highly recommend you visit one of our Sunday services. The evening service offers an especially good opportunity to connect with other students.

You can contact JOC through our Facebook page.

Singles Group

Our adventurous singles group, consisting of Christians from various churches, meets once a month on Saturdays and other meet ups take place as planned by group members.  We get to know each other well and experience God’s wonderful creation together while hiking, biking, picnicking, and canoeing. When it rains, we get together in someone’s living room and enjoy one another’s company.

During our meet ups, there are usually 10-20 people who join us, ranging in age from mid-20’s to mid-50’s. Conversation and praying for one another is important to us. We want to enjoy our time as singles together and build good relationships with each other and Jesus.

We welcome you to join our singles group. Come check us out and get to know us! We’re looking forward to hearing from you, email us at singles@jgdresden.de.