Why are we doing this?

God’s heart is so full of love for us. For every one of us!

It is out of this love that God sent us His son Jesus, that we would not be lost, but instead be unconditionally loved in relationship with Him.

He sent us the Holy Spirit, that we would recognize and experience truth, His guidance and be empowered by Him again and again.

He is also sending out all who follow him so that His heart and His word would reach every person in every nation because, “He wants everyone to be saved. He wants them to come to know the truth.” (1. Timothy 2:4)

That sending out can be as colorful, creative and unique as every person is.

What do we want to accomplish?

The COMMISSIONED” ministry has the goal of sending out teams of young people,

  • to follow His call and bring His love and truth to the nations.
  • to serve God and make Him great.
  • to leave their own comfort zones and take on the challenge.
  • to trust God unconditionally.

Within the last two years, we were able to send out twelve teams to the nations in Europe and around the world. They supported churches, missionaries and projects in many ways (e.g. physical labor, prayer, preaching, sharing testimonies).

Read about our team’s exciting adventures and testimonies in the Commissioned Blog (German only)

Now we are excited about 2019! The outreaches are currently planned and more information will be available soon.
Are you interested? Come to our information event on 24th of February 3:30pm at Schandauer Straße 60 (Lounge).
You can also write an email to or use the contact form below.