Church Networking

We as a church do not exist in isolation, but maintain many relationships to other churches in our region, in Germany and worldwide.
Our main relationships are with the following organizations:

Activate Network

Activate Network is a group of people and churches who are connected through common beliefs and interests in order to advance God’s kingdom, start something new as well as activate giftings and potential. The relationships are reaching beyond Germany and Europe. The vision of Activate Network is to honor Christ, train disciples, connect leaders as well as establish and strengthen churches. In fewer words: to honor, train, connect, establish and strengthen.


Jesusgemeinde Dresden is partnering with D-Netz. D-Netz is a network of many non-denominational charismatic churches in Germany with the goal to collaborate and promote unity within non-denominational churches in Germany.

Find out more on the D-Netz webpage.

Evangelical Alliance

We also enjoy relationships and joint events with other churches in Dresden. We are members of the Evangelical Alliance in Dresden, whose theme is: Together – with Jesus – for Dresden.

The Evangelical Alliance is a network of various evangelical and non-denominational churches. The leadership of these churches is meeting on a regular basis to deepen relationships, exchange news as well as planning and managing joint projects.

Find out more on the  “Evangelische Allianz” webpage (German only).