Building Project Oskar-Röder-Str. 3

Vision and Building Project

For many years we, as a church, had the desire to purchase our own property. Three central ideas were driving us:

  • Preparing for the future of our church. Where would we meet once the rented rooms were too small? What if the rented rooms would no longer be available to us? How can conferences be organized on regular basis without having our own space?
  • Preferring to be owners instead of renters. As owners, we could greatly improve our way of organizing many things and, at the same time, we would invest capital into the future of our church.
  • Leaving a legacy for the next generation

The idea is to win some battles now in order to give the next generation a good start.

Miraculously, in 2012, we were able to purchase a 6,700 square meter large property, including a building in need of rehabilitation, in Dresden-Seidnitz. Since then, the building has been completely gutted. In August 2016, 70% of the old building was demolished to make room for our new church campus. Plans on paper are also moving forward.

There will be three building phases that will keep us busy for some years. Our goal is to move our current rooms/offices at Schandauer Straße to the new church campus as soon as possible. In order for that to happen, phase 1 has to be 80% completed.

In the following video you can see the demolition of parts of the old building.


Currently the northern facade is being renovated.

Find more details on our blog (German only).

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Building Phase 1

  • 3 large multi-purpose rooms (50m², 75m² and 95m²)
  • Recording studio and Royal Rangers space in the basement
  • Moving will be feasible in five phases

Building Phase 2

  • Large assembly hall (1220m²) with gallery (175m²) for ca. 1400 people
  • 8 multi-purpose rooms and bathroom facilities on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the north wing
  • Guest area with 7 double rooms on the 3rd floor of the north wing
  • Large kitchen in the basement
  • All church events can be facilitated on our church campus
  • Parking deck with 34 spaces
  • The total cost includes the further interior construction of the north wing as well as the complete assembly hall

Building Phase 3

Oskar-Röder-Straße: Rendering from above

  • Main entrance and large, bright foyer (450m²)
  • Small assembly hall for events with up to 400 people
  • An additional 6 multi-purpose rooms in the basement (may possibly be used as a day care)

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