Jesus Gemeinde Dresden is a non-denominational church in Dresden, Dippoldiswalde, Pulsnitz and Pirna. Our services are held in German, but we also cater for the international community and offer simultaneous translation into a number of languages every Sunday.

We want to encounter God, love people and strengthen churches.

We are a church with multiple locations.

For all people in our region, not just Dresden, we want to offer church services
where you can hear the good news of Jesus Christ.
For this reason we are one church with multiple locations.

Come and visit one of our church services near you!

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Our church life is very diverse! There is something for everyone. Take a look around and discover a place for you and ways in which you can participate.

Upcoming Events

März, 2021

09Mär10:3011:30Moms Prayer

11Mär19:3021:00Startblock Teil I

12Mär18:3021:00Jugend findet per Zoom statt

14Mär9:3010:30Gottesdienst Pulsnitz - Teilnahme NUR mit Anmeldung

14Mär10:0011:00Gottesdienst DD1 mit Livestream - Teilnahme NUR mit Anmeldung

14Mär10:0011:30Gottesdienst Dippoldiswalde